Teachers Camp is located in a large campus-like environment east of downtown Baguio along Leonard Wood Road. The camp is a training center for teachers from all over the country who come to Baguio during the summer time to enroll in special courses in education. Within the camp are classrooms, dormitories, cottages, dining areas, administrative offices, and assembly halls for different activities that are held there. It has its own athletic oval where national athletes who compete in Olympic events are trained.

Teachers Camp first came into being as the vacation normal school in 1908. It was Governor William Pack who outlined a plan to set up a camp in Baguio to accommodate teachers. The plan was approved on January 8, 1908 and the camp was opened on April 6, 1908. During the early days of its inception, only tents were set up to accommodate the classrooms, dining and storage facilities, and a kitchen. It was only a few years later when additional funds were allocated to construct a mess hall, a social center, and the access roads and pathways connecting the different buildings and facilities within the camp. The cottages for the secretary and under secretary of education as well as the camp director’s cottage were constructed in 1912. In the following years there were more appropriations alloted for the development of Teachers Camp which resulted in the construction of Benitez Hall, Ladies Hall, Teacher’s Hall, Tavera Hall, and the White Hall.

t-baguio02┬áDuring the pre-war years, the Philippine Military Academy occupied a large part of Teachers Camp. It was due to the projected increase in the strength of the Cadet Corps that the government was compelled to transfer the Academy out of Camp Henry Allen and temporarily occupy Teachers Camp on May 5, 1936. On June 16, 1936, one hundred and twenty new cadets reported to the grounds of Teachers Camp to join the PMA Class of 1940. It was during the Academy’s occupancy of Teachers Camp that General Luna Hall was built in 1937. The Academy has since moved to its own permanent site at Fort Del Pilar. Teachers Camp now caters to conferences, meetings, seminars and social functions sponsored by the government sector. Some of its dormitories and cottages are also rented out to visitors coming up to Baguio but these are not available when the teachers are around for their summer courses. Read More