Sorsogon-Rizal-Beach2Sorsogon is gradually gaining recognition as a province with of some of the most elegant beaches in Asia and even the world. Its many spectacular beaches from its extensive coastline that stretches hundreds of miles are definitely some of many reasons why the province has become one of the most favorite destinations for many locals and foreigners alike. One should discover an exquisite beach that Sorsogon is proud of – Libanon Beach located in San Juan, Bacon.
Like the other beaches that dot the beautiful land of Sorsogon, Libanon Beach has its own special charm, particularly its enigmatic black sands. Its fine ebony sand is complemented by equally black rock formations that are equally unique and mysterious. This phenomenon is said to be due to the rocks being volcanic in nature and are from the eruptions of Mayon Volcano, and that the sands are as a result of thousands of years of natural forces breaking down the rocks little by little over the ages until these broken rocks became sand.
Libanon also offers exciting activities for thrill seekers. One can try scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and jet skiing.
How to get there. Sorsogon is an entry point to the Bicol Region if you’re coming from the Philippines’ south. Your travel options to this province include air, or land travel.
By Land: There are lots of buses in Manila that travel to the province of Sorsogon, with the trip taking around 14 hours. From Sorsogon going to Bulusan, you can ride an Irosin-bound jeepney from the terminal with a 1-hour travel time. From Irosin you can rent a tricycle that will take you to Bulusan.



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