Saint_Louis_University_(Baguio)_logo┬áSaint Louis University is a Catholic institution of higher learning founded by the RP-CICM as one effective means of evangelization to be fully integrated with the Church’s educational vision. It is, therefore, essential that SLU must address itself to the apostolic commitment and priorities of the RP-CICM Province in its educational apostolate. From a one-room wooden shack for ten boys in 1911, Saint Louis University has grown to 35 buildings spread out in a 6.5-hectare campus. It has reached a student population of more than 30,000 for the first semester of School Year 2011-2012 alone. Saint Louis University is envisioned as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution zealous in developing human resources imbued with the Christian spirit and who are creative, competent and socially involved. It is said that the northern light is one of the brightest and most wonderful phenomena of nature.

69_full┬áThe vision of Saint Louis University is to shine as the Light of the North and its alumni, through their intellectual standing and Christian spirit and Christian formation, to be the leaders of Baguio and the whole Montanosa. As the Light of the North, it also envisions to diffuse the Christian culture over the whole country. Saint Louis University is undoubtedly the largest university north Manila in terms of its student population and course offerings. The University has a wide-ranging academic program of sixty-three (63) undergraduate majors or specializations in its nine (9) colleges and fifty-four (54) departments; and forty-four (44) post-graduate degree programs. Alongside its growth in size and quantity, SLU has assiduously developed and sustained itself through the years to become one of the top educational institutions nationwide. An undisputable proof of the University’s excellence can be gleaned in the yearly list of board topnotchers that it produces in many of its course offerings. Such excellence could very well be the reason behind the widespread esteem that the school enjoys as seen in the fact that its students are coming from all over the nation and abroad. Read More