20131018_101005_1Bedazzled with the magnificent white marbles and boulders of limestone sprinkled around the throne of Tinipak River. Perceive the serene stream, the chirping birds above you and feel the cold breeze while trekking in the woodland alongside of the river. Hold your breath for the amazing view when you reach the highest point which windows the real beauty of this lost world.
Tinipak River is cradled in the hidden paradise of Brgy. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. Brgy. Daraitan is a humble traditional community lies in the foot of Sierra Madre Mountain.
Today, Daraitan is fast becoming popular as one of the must-visit destinations in Tanay for it offers a wide array of nature tripping activities and one of those is the river system trekking in Tinipak River.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdventure seekers will definitely love this place for it is accompanied by enigmatic stories behind the formation of the marbles and limestone. On the way to this enchanting Tinipak river is a sporadic muddy, slippery trail and grassland. Deathtifying wall climbing, rappelling and rock climbing are present. Really, this place is packed with adrenaline rush activities. In soundless flow of the river, one can do river crossing to do spelunking for the mouth of the cave is on the other side.
The highlights of the trek are getting to the spot of the glorious giant sized marbles carved and swimming in the most tranquil part of the river. The water is refreshingly cool, freezing though!
Moreover, Tinipak River is awarded as the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV.


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