ht-fallsThis waterfall is made famous by a folk song that goes: Tayo na sa Antipolo / At doon, maligo tayo / Sa batis na kung tawagin / … ay… ay… Hinulugang Taktak… tak… tak… tak… At the time this song was composed, the waterfall was an excellent excursion from Manila; the roads leading there were not yet built, and a whole hiking trip was required, very much like the Buruwisan Falls in Mt. Romelo of today. A five-minute walk via cemented paths from the highway will take you this famous waterfall. If you are using public transport, you may hire a tricycle to take you there.
The history of Hinulugang Talktak is as rich and colorful as that of Antipolo itself. Legend has it that sometime during the 16th century, the townsfolk of Antipolo were bothered by a church bell that produced harsh, unbearably loud sounds when rung during Angelus. They demanded that the local priest get rid of the bell . Bowing down to the clamor, the priest had it dropped in a nearby river. This explains the name, “Hinulugang Taktak” which means ‘where the bell was dropped’. As Antipolo became a religious site, the waterfalls also become a prominent destination for bathing and sightseeing. In the 1980s, it was declared a National Park by the government.



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