BAGUIO STAR CAFE 4 Star Cafe is a no-frills Chinese restaurant that also doubles as a bake shop. When you enter the resto, its humongous round and square cinnamon bread will greet you. This item sells hot like pancakes, by the way. For only P70, you can get an upsized version of cinnamon rolls that can rival your favorites from Cinnabon.

Started in the1940’s, Star Cafe is considered the oldest restaurant in Baguio. Recipes that have been served through the decades include their Star canton (P285), fried shrimp with ham (P500), and beef broccoli.

Miki-Bijon-Guisado-Special The Star canton is heaped with seafood and crisp vegetables of the Benguet province. Pair the pancit with the golden-fried camaron rebosado, shrimp meat and ham coated in bread crumbs. The fried shrimp with ham, or camaron con jamon, is made flavorful by Star Cafe’s sweet and sour sauce. Their beef broccoli (P290), meanwhile, is drenched in rich oyster sauce. The tender beef contrasts well with the crunchy broccoli.

If you’re craving for good, old Chinese food, head on over to Star Cafe at 39 Session Road, Baguio City. Read More