restaurant_to_visit_in_Baguio-pizza-volante-menu-pizza Situated at 82 Session Road within the very attractive City of Baguio, Pizza Volante Restaurant offers customers and guests a taste of authentic Italian dishes, specifically pizzas and pastas. With a budget of 300 to 500 pesos, people can already enjoy loads of super tasty and delectable dishes at this Italian-inspired restaurant. Aside from the food, many people really love the efficiency of the restaurant staff, which regularly receives praises for their friendliness and quickness.

pizza-volante Pizza Volante is open round-the-clock, allowing people to celebrate even after some of the other dining establishments in Baguio City already close. The restaurant offers guests a relaxing and casual feel, giving them a chance to appreciate the outstanding food in the company of their families, friends, and loved ones. Overall, the place is very clean and is very conducive for some really good and long conversations. This fine dining locations is also an orderly one, giving people convenience while eating their favorite food and sipping their nice drinks.

baguio pizza hanna In terms of food, there are many good choices to make from Pizza Volantes highly extensive menu. For breakfasts, omelettes are very nice especially with all the right ingredients like the finest cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Furthermore, garlic bread goes well with the dish plus some nice hot cups of coffee. The restaurants apple pie also stands out in terms of taste, which is a heavy favorite among local and foreign customers alike. Aside from the food, Pizza Volante also offers outstanding beverages including brewed coffee, strawberry milkshakes, and various kinds of hot drinks. The other specialties of this restaurant include Pasta Puttanesca and Vegetarian Pizza.  Read More