Touring Baguio City can get one so tired and hungry that they feel like reloading their bodies with carbohydrates for extra energy. In this case pizzas and pastas are very advisable. In the City of Pines among the best places to reload on these is Pizza Riccio, Baguio.
Its located in the center of the city proper, easy to run to when one runs out of energy to continue with their tour. Pizza Riccio, Baguio is on Gov. Pack Road a few meters from the Session Road rotunda. In case you cant immediately spot it in one glimpse just look for the Baden Powell Inn. Its in there.
Pizza Riccio, Baguio is well known for its superb pizzas and pastas. If youre too lazy to get up from bed then you may pick up the phone and request delivery which is available until 11 in the evening. If youre the pizza monster type a 14-inch cheese-rich pizza should be enough which costs Php 350.
Baden Powell Inn, where Pizza Riccio, Baguio is booked, is an archaic establishment that brings one back to the 1930s or so as soon as you set foot in it. Of old wood and stones with subtle touches of renovation that makes it warm and cozy enough for modern guests, the building was dedicated to Grand Scout Master Robert Baden Powell.
Vacation in the city would be doubly super if you check in at Baden Powell Inn and then spend most of your vacation days just idly sitting at Pizza Riccio, Baguio and devouring pizzas, especially on rainy days. In colder months you may opt to take along hot and spicy pizzas to your sightseeing trips around Baguio.
A better idea is to go to a tourist site, say Burnham Park, or even somewhere farther, like the Lourdes Grotto, and ask Pizza Riccio, Baguio delivery service from there any time you feel like eating pizzas or pastas. This way, you can enjoy them while theyre steamy hot.  Read More