8120918946_ebf8397506_z O’ Mai Khan’ literally means “come over,” a fitting name as locals and tourists flock the restaurant for their Mongolian barbecue buffet (P150-210) and hot pot (P160-420).

Like most Mongolian buffet restos, you start off your buffet experience at O’ Mai Khan’ by choosing your own meat, vegetables, and other ingredients to pile into your bowl. Because the restaurant is located in Baguio, expect only the crunchiest and freshest vegetables.

lunch If you want a different choice of rice meal, try O’ Mai Khan’s Ania Khan’s Bulgalbi (P240), or broiled beef ribs, tartar’s chicken (P170)and shrimp tempura (P240). For something light, order Ania Khan’s Salad (P110).

Come on over to O’ Mai Khan’ at Upper Session Road (Engineer’s Hill), Riza Park, Baguio. Read More