Walking up Session Road from Magsaysay Avenue and keeping to the left side of road we’d never miss seeing the Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio after walking past Mabini Street. It’s among Baguio City’s pioneer Chinese restaurants.
For Php 500 to about Php 1000 plus we can already treat 8 to 10 persons for lunch at Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio. A group of five is better, considering that cold weather tickles the appetites of most people. Treat them with special Chinese cuisines like tasty shark’s fin with equally delectable crab meat, the succulent roast duck, special noodles, crispy chicken, rich and flavorsome Hototai soup, among others.


If alone or with a partner, Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio also offers set meals, or what they call today “rice toppings,” like lechon rice, chop suey rice, beef broccoli rice, among others, at only Php 50 to Php 60 per person, or less. Well, back in the early days, eating at Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio used to cost Php 33, and we’re talking of 7 courses here.
Most Chinese eateries offer almost the same dishes and tastes, but at Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio we ought to try the stuffed tofu. It’s good for the health, too. Being among the pioneers that started serving Chinese cuisines to Baguio folks and tourists, Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio is now a Chinese culinary expert serving sumptuous dishes worth our hard-earned money.

5919054736_d5ea815791_z Originally there were 7 post war Chinese restaurants that ventured in the City of Pines: Rose Bowl on Harrison, Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio on Session, Luisa’s Café also on Session, Session Delights, Sunshine Lunch on Magsaysay corner Session, and the Star Café, another one on Session Road. Mandarin Restaurant, Baguio has been thriving well with these contemporaries and serving good Chinese dishes for years. Read More