4 Situated at 2 Loakan Road in Baguio City, Korean Bulgogi Restaurant is an excellent source of delightfully delicious authentic Korean cuisine. Above everything else, this food service provider serves Korean Bulgogi or Spicy Braised Beef as one of its major specialties. Basically comprised of beef rice toppings and spices, this tasty dish comes in different flavors including Teriyaki Bulgogi Beef, Marinated Fried Beef, as well as Hot and Spicy Beef. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a sweeter variation of Korean Bulgogi can order Sweetened Barbecue Beef in Sesame Oil. With a budget of 200 pesos to 500 pesos, customers can already order a meal or two at this prime restaurant.

6 Baguio Citys Korean Bulgogi Restaurant offers a cozy, relaxing, and quiet atmosphere, which is great for romantic dates, intimate family bonding, and business meetings. Aside from its inviting ambiance, the place also features clean floors, beautiful tables, and comfortable chairs. Add to that, it has a well-maintained comfort room for a complete dining experience. In addition to its Korean Bulgogi varieties, Korean Bulgogi Restaurant in Baguio City also serves other Korean specialties such as Yache Bokkum, Mondeum Mandoo, and Goon Mandoo.

In addition to its regular features, there are also other commendable delicacies available at Korean Bulgogi Restaurant in Baguio City such as Jin Mandoo, Dooboo Kimchi, and many more other tasty treats. Different kinds of rice dishes, noodle dishes, and hotpots are also served within this place to cater to the diverse tastes of its numerous customers. In terms of beverages, this Korean-inspired dining facility serves wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. It also serves hot cups of tea or coffee, which are great especially during colder nights.  Read More