335972_120606104530_STD The cozy and homey interiors of Iggy’s Inn and Bonuan Seafood Restaurant perfectly complement their lutong-bahay meals. Dining in this resto makes you feel like you’re having lunch at your grandparents’ home.

Start healthy or just forget about your diet with Iggy’s kilawing kambing (P150) and chicharon bulaklak (P165) appetizers. A light dish, the kilawin is heaped with thin slices of goat meat. The chicharon bulaklak is crispy and tasty as expected. What’s different about Iggy’s version of this pulutan is that they drain the fat from the mesentry. It’s as healthy as chicharon bulaklak could get.

2013_12_17_15_37_37 For seafood viands, try the nilasing na hipon sa gin (P150) and inihaw na bangus (P180). The nilasing na hipon is marinated for hours before being deep-fried. The inihaw na bangus packs in an earthy flavor. The fish itself is also meaty. At Iggy’s, they choose the best seafood ingredients.

For dessert, make sure to try the leche flan (P45). Iggy’s leche flan is firm, creamy, and rich. The resto, however, adds a twist by making you add calamansi juice on top of the leche flan. How does it taste? Try it yourself by visiting Iggy’s at 25-A Southdrive Road, Baguio City. Read More