At first glance wed think the bouquet of flowersmostly brightly colored petals of red and yellow, with bright yellow green leaves-are probably table ornamental flowers placed there as a prelude to a meal of succulent fresh Baguio vegetables. But then were wrong. At Eves Garden, Baguio this bouquet turns out to be lunch.
Almost everybody in town is talking about this new and unique restaurant at ME 132 Upper Lamtang Road in La Trinidad thats a bit difficult to find. Eves Garden, Baguio specializes in organic vegetables produced and picked fresh from the carefully maintained garden of the owner.

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The amazing thing is that veggies from Evelyn or Eve Bonds garden are guaranteed chemical-free. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the plants, save those organic in nature. Thus, vegetable servings at Eves Garden, Baguio are clean, very natural, and super healthy.
There are 11 varieties of macrobiotic lettuce offered at Eves Garden, Baguio straight from the garden of Eve. A typical meal (often 3-course) of lettuce, nasturtium and other edible flowers, diced veggies, and flax oil or Cleos dressing costs around Php 650 per person.

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Eves Garden, Baguio also serves steamed fish along with the greens, with spicy sauces, all natural. Like the Salmon partnered with toasted capers. It also has chicken or beef with pesto fettuccine, whole wheat bread, meat viand in sake, red rice with herbs and honey, among others.
Eves Garden, Baguio also serves a tempting cool organic pineapple drink with mint and sage, bubbling at the rim of a gracefully shaped tall glass. Or settle for a ginger drink with ginseng. We may also opt for brewed coffee (home grown Arabica coffee beans) and couple that with oatmeal cakes as dessert. Read More