P1030059 Cafe Sabel, BenCab’s perennial muse, is a tribute to the bounty of Baguio with their farm-to-table dishes. Most of the ingredients at Cafe Sabel, particularly fruits and vegetables, are all plucked from their own farm, making the restaurant a prime choice for foodies who want to go healthy while in the City of Pines.

A visit to Cafe Sabel is also a feast for the eyes. Located inside BenCab Museum, diners can opt to tour the different galleries set-up by the famous National Artist for the Arts himself and partner local artists. The restaurant itself is a pretty sight with contemporary artworks and framed exhibit posters of BenCab lining the wall, and colorful chairs and tables giving the cafe a whimsical feel.

To start off your meal, go for Cafe Sabel’s farm fresh salad (P150) with strawberry vinaigrette dressing (P150)—crisp iceberg lettuce and carrots tussled with alfafa sprouts and cherry tomatoes.

images (1) Try then Chef Mike’s personal favorite, spicy tuyo pasta (P190). The saltiness of the tuyo is complemented by the strong flavors of basil leaves and chili. Don’t take big bites as the extra kick towards the end may be too much handle.

BenCab’s favorite, meanwhile, is duck flakes rice meal (P250), a dish similar in concept to adobo flakes. If you want to taste the full flavor of the shredded duck meat, try it without the accompanying combination of black rice and highland rice. Mix it, however, with the egg salad to enhance the mild flavor of the meat.

For refreshments, try the resto’s lime juice with basil. A rather unique concoction, the sweetness of the basil mixes well with the sourness of the lime syrup. End your meal with Cafe Sabel’s refreshing panna cotta guava. The milky gelatin is not too overpowering, making the sweetness of the guava pulp stand out.

Cafe Sabel is located at the Ground Level, BenCab Museum, Km 6. Asin Road, Baguio City. Read More