images Bliss Cafe is the go-to place for organic vegetarian meals in Baguio. The restaurant takes inspiration from Buddhist principles as evidenced not only by their vegetarian affair but also interiors. Little Buddha statues and brass gongs serve as decorations. Aside from Buddhism-inspired items, contemporary artworks are exhibited, as well as whimsical ones like the smiling paper mache horse that will greet you at the entrance.

If you want to taste the bounty of Baguio right off the bat, try Bliss Cafe’s strawberry fields salad (P200) heaped, of course, with fresh strawberries and tussled with arugula, iceberg lettuce and yogurt-honey dressing.

2013_12_17_15_36_13 For the ultimate cheat, order haiku (P75), Bliss Cafe’s vegetarian chicharon. Like the real deal, but light and definitely guilt-free.

Try then heavier meals like the energetic embutido. The carrot and potato stuffing surprisingly has a rather meaty flavor. Pair the embutido too with the Blissmix rice (P30), a combination Kalinga red red and Isabela white rice

Go healthy in Baguio by visiting Bliss Cafe at the Hotel Elizabeth, 1 J. Felipe Corner Gibraltar Street. Read More