cacupangan1The municipality of Mabini is the home of the Cacupangan Cave System, which is known for its multiple entrances, magnificent formations and diverse wildlife.  The main entrance of the cave is situated in a private land in Barangay Tagudin and extends to Barangays De Guzman, Barlo and San Pedro. The Cacupangan Cave System is well-known for its big rimstone formation whichcacupangan2 residents call the Binmatya (from the word “batya” meaning basin).  The formation provides tourists with a swimming area.  Near the cave entrance is another large formation that resembles an ice cream cone.  Other formations include stalactites, stalagmites, flow stones and helictites – one of which, looks like a hand holding out peace sign.    For visitors, there are picnic sheds for rent.  Aside from spelunking and swimming, they can also hike overland and rappel cacupangan3down the skylight of the cave, walk or crawl across the “test passage” at the entrance of the cave.   The real challenge with this cave system is swimming.  It is about 200 ft to swim across, and about 15 ft deep.    The tour can take three to four hours including an overland hike back to the main entrance.  The entire cave system can bring guest to Barangay Villacorta as the pick-up point and would take seven to eight hours of wet and wild caving adventure.



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