wpid-20140928_1519392Built on the slopes of Mt. Arayat on the Baliti side, Gintung Pakpak, exists with you in mind whether you are 3 to 93 years old. Its accessibility is carefully engineered to blend naturally with the existing natural contour of the mountain. With its modern structure, it manages to be in harmony with the elements of nature without sacrificing your comfort.
Our well paved concrete roads from the barrio leading right to the doorsteps of our villas, function halls, campsite, wedding garden and other facilities is perfect for any occasion you may plan for your family, corporate, retreats among others.
wpid-img_16569028194241Natural Spring Water Pool. Unfold your wings, take a flight then dive into the pristine cool of our pool. After a leisurely climb into the majestic Eco Park the water fresh from the mountain will welcome you filtered by old tree roots imbedded into the heart of Mount Arayat’s virgin soil.
A hidden paradise at the foot of Mount Arayat awaits you, your friends and your loved ones to experience the ultimate encounter of this famous natural landmark of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines — Pampanga.
wpid-20140928_111805Set on a lush green forest, overlooking a man made lake, this piece of paradise will surely amaze your eyes! A fusion of local and international landscapes will definitely mesmerize the guests. Each of the furniture that was creatively crafted by its local artists is a manifestation of the love for art and the care of the founders to Mother Nature.
As you enter the paradise, the grand gate will tell you a story of a well known legend of the mountain and of the Kapampangans. It will introduce you to Apu Mallari and Maryang Sinukwan. The story does not end there, it will also make you realize that the paradise that you are about to see is owned by the wildlife as represented by the tuku (gecko).


Source: https://gintungpakpakparadise.wordpress.com/

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