Dinosaur-Island-Clark-Pampanga-Mariano-Sayno-2013.09.01.DSC_06151If you have watched Jurassic Park, Well we have the next best thing Clark’s very own Dino Park,with special Guest from the past, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Spirosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Iritator, Raptors, Rhinoceros, Iguanodon, and many more!
Stegosaurus-Roof-Lizard-at-Dinosaurs-Island-Clark-PampangaWe want every one to Experience the thrill of the past by recreating and creating animatronic dinosaurs Island in Clark base Pampanga, Learn all about these fantastic Creatures that Roamed the earth over 100 million years ago
DINOSAURS ISLAND has been designed for us to understand better the dinosaurs and what transpired in the Mesozoic era. It’s time for us to go back in time and see the first inhabitants of our planet.
DINO TRAIL. Dinosaur Island : Follow the forest trail to learn more about how the dinosaur era may have looked like and Animatronic dinosaurs lived in their natural habitat with over 30 species of moving dinosaur display. Enjoy fun in our dino guided tour and get up close to see how large they were in their time.
MUSEUM. See our mounted dinosaur fossils as well as our real life-sized skeletons that will help you understand more about their extinction.
DINO ADVENTURE RIDE’S. Ever wondered how it feels like to ride a dinosaur? Well, here’s your chance! Experience the exciting and thrilling dino ride in the Philippines.


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