1344824568X9nK12YcBulalacao offers good wind during the northeast monsoon and offers even more during periods of the southwest monsoon, so it is an ideal kiteboarding and windsurfing destination for all-year-round water sports.
1347517003uH7OKe4XHow To Get To Bulalacao:
How To Get To Bulalacao from Caticlan / Boracay: travel by ro-ro from Caticlan / Boracay to Roxas City (Mindoro) and then drive South to the bottom of the island; or, you could take a boat direct from Boracay Beach – a two hour trip North, to Bulalacao.
It is VERY important to note that, from December, a newly concreted road will connect Roxas-Bulalacao-San Jose, making Bulalacao just a 45-minute taxi ride from San Jose airport. There are currently four flights a day, from three different airlines, arriving in San Jose airport (Occ. Mindoro) from Manila NAIA Terminal 3.


Source: http://www.bulalacaomindoro.com/

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