Puerto-GaleraAlso known as Alibatan Island, Target Island is a stingray-shaped private island named so after Americans used the island for “target” bombing practices during the World War II. Exploring the island, you’d see bomb sites and jagged rocks broken into pieces. Privately owned, Target Island has cemented walkways that loop around it. Following the walkways, you’d see one residential complex built on a large coral. The beach in this area is where boats dock. The cemented pathway follows the coastline of the island, through cemented staircases in and around its limestone cliffs, and next to a lake at the center of the island. The lake is teeming with mangrove, and serves as a breeding area for seagulls and sea turtles. From the top of the limestone cliffs, you’d see panoramic views of the lake, the island itself, and its beaches. There are also several cemented tables and chairs along the walkway, plus a waterless toilet near the residential complex. According to its owner, visitors are not allowed to take photos of the island. Staying overnight is also prohibited. Together with Aslom Island and Silad Island, Target Island makes a memorable island hopping activity in Barangay Milagrosa, Bulalacao.


Source: http://travelibre.com/

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