apo-reef1Apo Reef in the Philippines is second to the largest atoll-like reef in the world and is the largest one in the country. Its flanking coral reefs are approximately 34 sq. km. in dimension composing of different types and are inhabited by diverse species of fishes and marine life.
apo aSome 400 different kinds of coral reefs and 400-500 classes of aquatic animals have been recorded to live there. These are the proof that Apo Reef is a wealth for the underwater life and a natural treasure to every one of us. It is no surprise that scuba divers come from all around the world just to experience the adventure underneath.
Apo Reef is a sub-triangular reef separated by 1.8-meters to 30-meters deep channel from east to west. It has fine white sand bottom with some piles of branching corals.
Location: Apo Reef National Park is located at the west coast of Occidental Mindoro. It is bordered by three islands which marks as its surface; Apo Island, Apo Menor which consists of Binangaan Island and Cayos del Bajo Tinangkapang.


Source: http://www.e-philippines.com.ph/

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