Minalungao National Park Nueva Ecija-0324The word Minalungao was derived from the words Mina meaning mine and Lungao which is a local word for cave. Established in 1967 by Republic Act No. 5100, Minalungao National Park is reminiscent of El Nido, Palawan because of its dense forests and meters-high karst formations. It even has the calm Peñaranda River that adds more charm to its serene environment.
And when you do decide to visit, time and money won’t be an issue. You can go on a Minalungao National Park day tour if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway. For the true nature lovers, overnight camping is also doable as there are camping sites within the park itself.
MINALUNGAO-5Swim In The Cool Waters Of Peñaranda River
This river stems from the Sierra Madre Mountains supplying relatively safe and fresh waters to the lowlands.
Rent a bamboo raft for ₱800 for one day (depending on your haggling skills). You and your barkada (friends) or relatives can have a picnic right in the middle of the river while admiring the intricate rock formations. Discover how maneuvering the raft yourself is harder than you first imagined.
To save on expenses, you can also bring your own food and cookware for an all-out camping experience!
Minalungao-National-Park-CavesExplore Caves
Hire a tour guide and prepare to be enveloped in total darkness. Bring a headlight or flashlight so your eyes will not have a hard time adjusting once you enter the cave.
Don’t forget about the bats that call these caves their home. This means you need to watch out for falling bat poo!
History buffs and archaeology enthusiasts will be happy to know that sometimes, artifacts like broken ancient pottery can be found just littering the cave grounds.


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