laoang-church-northern-samarSt. Michael the Archangel Church was renovated from 1842 to 1852. A baptistery was added to the nave during the term of Fr. Angel Pulido. He covered the church and the convent with azulejo tiles. He also built the belfry, which was damaged in the early 1900s but ws repaired in 1926.
The church façade has engaged columns and horizontal mouldings. In the central section, the horizontals are softened by the retablo-like structure that connects a central niche bearing the image of St. Michael, the church’s titular, with the lower members. Scroll work and a niche for the statue of the Virgin decorates the otherwise austere pediment. Two rectangular niches flank the central door. In these niches are the images of Sts. Peter and Paul. The striking features of the façade are the arrowhead decorations on the main door and central niche of the upper register.
Renovations on the fabric are easily seen. The upper structure of the bell tower is very recent. Entrancese to the transept were modified. An independent structure parallel to the epistle side of the nave was destroyed to make way for an extended convent.



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