SohotonSohoton Caves, found at the Sohoton National Park in Basey, Samar, are considered by both locals and visitors alike as the most beautiful and enchanting caves in the country and probably in Asia. The place is reachable one and a half hour ride by motorboat or forty five minute land travel through the San Juanico Bridge passing by the Municipality of Basey, Samar.
Sohoton abounds with awesome beauty in its natural setting. The natural park-an 840- hectare protected area created in 1935 boasts of lush rainforest, unique rock formations, natural bridges and stairways and the main attraction, the Sohoton caves.
1344851133BIM9yQRUThe Sohoton river leading to the park allows one to have his first peek at the enumerable wonders he is about to behold. Here, one passes under the famous Sohoton natural bridge, a stone bridge similar to a huge arch giving the feeling of “welcome” to visitors. Below this bridge is the subterranean river whose fresh waters are icy cold. From the natural arch one is led to the large dripstone cave which is the permanent abode of bats and birds. It has three chambers, each offering different treats for the awe-stricken visitors. The widest among the three welcomes one with cold atmosphere and moist ground. It has an amazing cathedral – like dome high as 50 meters. It also has several interesting rock formations.



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