88_fullIn the municipality of Bacnotan, which is widely popular for its cement deposits and Sea Urchins, there’s a Barangay called Carcarmay, named after a tree that bears a sour-sweet yellowish fruit that grows abundant in the area. It is not however famous because of Carmay but because of an Acacia tree that has become the place’s witness of its growth in the various stages of our history. More than a hundred years old, it still stands majestically at the center of Carcarmay Community School, giving shade to countless graduation rites and various school and community programs.
centennial_tree_galleryfullThe oldest living thing in the area, this huge tree from the Mimosa family, provide priceless comfort to residents and visitors alike. Its green and cool leaves from its huge and long branches are comfortable and relaxing to the eyes. Like a mother, taking good care of the children.
Like a mother taking good care of its children, the umbrella-like tree seems to engulf the whole school ground and hug grateful seekers of shade and uncompromised rest. Its gigantic trunk is so huge that it takes 8 people, with their arms sideward and holding hands, to determine its size.


Source: http://www.launion.gov.ph/

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