Dicotcotan Beach boasts of a three-kilometer long beach with coral reefs, sea grass beds and sandy shoreline that is fringed with a coastal forest and a village. There are regular sightings here of pointed nosed dolphins and hump back whales. Aside from the various species of fish and shellfish, and marine turtles that can be seen from the surface.

dicotcotan2If youare planning to stay here for a few days, there are available cottages for rent. Whilst the whitesand is fine and the sea is generally calm that creates the bays making these beaches ideal for children. Dicotcotan is a Palanan word meaning “to sink” due to the softness of the sand that causes one’s feet to sink or to be immersed in it, leaving a deep trail of footsteps.


Source: http://www.traveltothephilippines.info

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