n_0001_pic-6Paraiso ni Anton is one of the few stops of the Pagudpud Tour Cycle, a local tourism project of the municipality that aims to bring visitors to Pagudpud’s top-notch destinations. Tourist take photos while locals take a sip of the waters dripping from the hill.
Kuya Amante, my tour cycle guide, slowly climbed the concrete stairway after approaching the site. He chanted a little prayer in front of the Virgin Mary statuette. He then stepped down and proceeded to the watery part of the hill. Silently, he put his palms together and fetched some drips and then sipped.
Paraiso-ni-Anton-456x300Some other locals came with containers and filled them with the water flowing from the small stream.
Witnessing all these made me wonder that these waters may uphold some sort of mystery. Then I found out that locals believe that the water that drips down to the hillside of Paraiso ni Anton contain some healing energy. They believe that drinking the water will cure their mild ailments and in some cases, even the severe ones.
There is also another story circulating among frequent travelers in the area. A white lady seemed to appear within the vicinity scaring drivers. So to pay respect, drivers slow down then blow their horns when passing Paraiso ni Anton.
Whether these stories are legend or not, as long as they don’t get harmed, there is nothing wrong about it.


Source: http://www.freedomwall.net/

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