4659390702_a6557f6a69They call it Faro Cabo Cape Bojeador, as it set majestically on a hill overlooking the South China Sea, located approximately 35 kilometres north of the City of Laoag, the lighthouse is the most accessible of all lighthouses in the north of the Island of Luzon. It was built in 1892 and is still functioning to date, serving ships passing by the northern part of South China Sea. This is one of the famouse historical landmark in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is the highest lighthouse in the Philippines above sea level on top of a hill named Vigia de Nagparitan (estimated a total height of around 160 meters high; tower height = 17 meters approximate) and is located in the town of Burgos.
The Lighthouse is the most western of the lights on the northern coast of the island, and in the approach of vessels from the China coast on the northwest. It lights the bend that marks the northwestern corner of the Island of Luzon, separating it from the South China Sea and the Babuyanes Channel. Similarly, it also assists ships heading towards the ports of Salomangue in Ilocos Sur which is 87 kilometres south from the lighthouse, and Curmimao, which is 60 kilometres away in Ilocos Norte. The Light flash once in every minute.


Source: http://www.waypoints.ph/

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