The Aglipay Shrine is nestled at Pinili and Batac, Ilocos Norte. The shrine was built in memory of Gregorio Aglipay who stood squarely behind the oppressed people of God when he founded his protestant sect known as the Filipino Independent Church.
aglipay-maosoleum-2The Great Gregorio Aglipay
Gregorio Aglipay is a historical figure who called Batac City his home. He is a soldier, religious reformer, and patriot of the Philippines. He was known for the foundation of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or the Philippine Independent Church and for being the first military chaplain of the Philippine revolution in 1896.
Gregorio Aglipay was an activist Roman Catholic priest from Ilocos Norte who was excommunicated by the Vatican for inciting rebellion within the Filipino clergy, despite his defence of some Spanish Catholic clergy from liberal-nationalist Filipino revolutionaries. During the brief interlude between independence from the Spanish and occupation by the United States, Isabelo de los Reyes (also known as Don Belong) and Aglipay acted to reform the Filipino Catholic clergy.
Aglipay died at the age of 80 on September 1, 1940. He was given an elaborate funeral attended by officials of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. His remains lie in state at a large mausoleum called the Aglipay Shrine in downtown Batac City.



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