DSC00317The Trappist Monastery grounds is a peaceful and sacred enclave in Guimaras run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. These monks follow the rule of St. Benedict and are best known for the extreme austerity or strictness that characterizes their discipline.
1255306191_d7ffd5a8a3The monks earn a living by selling souvenir items and processed foods such as jellies, jams, candies, piyaya and more, which are sold in a small shop within the monastery grounds. All the products are from ingredients grown in the Trappist grounds.
trappist21You can tour the monastery grounds, visit their prayer areas. Don’t forget to talk with the monks and nuns. They’re all friendly and are full of wise thoughts and things to contemplate about while you’re spending your time in serenity. There are also guest houses available at reasonable prices for those who would want a retreat from the stresses of life.
The Trappist Monastery is located in Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan Town in Guimaras. From Iloilo, Jordan, Guimaras can be reached by riding a pumpboat in Ortiz St., Iloilo City. Then from Jordan Port, one can arrange transportation to the Trappist Monastery with the help of the Provincial Tourism Office Outpost. It is approximately a 20-30 minute multicab / jeepney ride from the Jordan Port.


Source: http://exploreguimaras.blogspot.com/

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