Buenavista_Guimaras_wharfIt is formerly known as “Buenavista Wharf”. It was built by Lt. Douglas MacArthur in 1903 while on duty with the US Corps of Engineers. It was near this place where MacArthur, fresh from West Point Germany, was ambushed by guerillas who barely missed his head and perhaps could have changed the course of history.
The pre-war era saw the developments of Sto. Rosario. A certain engineering brigade of America troops extended hand of channeling roads from Sto. Rosario to sprouting barangays up northeast of Buenavista like Ambulong (Salvacion), Calingao (New Poblacion), and Camp Jossman Headquarter (Supang).
Roca_Encantada_House_-_Buenavista,_GuimarasThe said engineering brigade was manned by Douglas MacArthur, then 2nd lieutenant. They dug and raked mountains, dumped boulders of rocks, and scraped hillsides. They eventually were able to develop a port and a road stretching to a mountain at the right side of Sto. Rosario is linking it to Ambulong, Calingao and up to Punta Blanco (San Roque). Calingao would turn out to be the new seat of the municipality of Buenavista after World War II.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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