Museo Sugbo is located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue in the old Spanish-era area of Cebu named Tejero. It was once the home of the world famous, YouTube sensation Cebu Dancing Inmates – the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center or CPDRC. Museo Sugbo is about 2 kilometers away from Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia.

museoIt used to be named Carcel de Cebu which means Provincial Jail of Cebu before it became a Museum. It was designed by Domingo de Escondrillas on 1869 and he was the only architect in Cebu during that time. At first the Carcel de Cebu was proposed to become the Carcel de Distrito which means jail in the district of Visayas because of its large size at the time it was constructed. After several reviews and endorsements in Manila, the project was approved and set out at around 1871. It was believed that a lot of coral stones from Parian Church were used to build parts of the prison. After 20 years of use, a renovation was ordered and they added more buildings at the back of the main structure which now serves as the first six galleries of Museo Sugbo.
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