Looking for a park in the city? A romantic, clean, safe, serene haven where you can stroll around and take in the fresh, crisp air? You can stop daydreaming and head on up to Mountain View Nature Park.

Mountain View Nature Park in Busay offers camping sites, gardens, retreat and
seminar halls, cottages, children’s park, swimming pool, botanical garden, picnic tables, countless benches of different variations, videoke, jukebox, bunk-houses, mini-zoo, hanging bridges, viewing decks, a canteen, mini-restaurants, a Way of the Cross area, Christmas Park and much more. Mountain View Nature Park is just a few hundred meters below TOPS, a famous tourist attraction also in Busay.




In Mountain View Nature Park, you will see a splendid variety of plants and trees. They are everywhere! The favorite spot of many is the Main View Deck. Situated at the peak of the park, the deck offers a magnificent overlooking view of the city. Sitting at the picnic tables by the deck, the treetops below just feel like they are right under your toes – it is a phenomenal experience.
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