The Montaneza River that flows its way through a narrow ravine is the source of water for the falls. The area and hills around the waterfalls is surrounded by lush tropical plants and trees.

The waterfalls has become popular in recent years due to the sport of canyoning, which has become
one of the tourist attractions in the area. Canyoning is a recreational sports activity that uses a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling or swimming in canyons through their cliffs, rivers and waterfalls.

montThere are several travel agencies and resorts based in Cebu City that offer day tour packages that include canyoning for tourists and sports enthusiasts who want to experience the sport in Montaneza Falls and its surrounding area. The canyon tour packages involve hiking to the peak of Montaneza Falls, climbing and jumping down the rapids of the small waterfalls, and one of the highlights of the tour is the descent down the 30-meter high waterfall. Professional and trained guides will assist you in the canyon tour to ensure your safety while you enjoy the excitement and thrill of the experience.

Other popular activities in the Montaneza Falls include taking a shower directly under the cool and refreshing rapids of the waterfalls or taking a swim in the river below the waterfalls.
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