Mantayupan Falls is located near the southern town of Barili, about 1 1/2 hours by road from Cebu City. Take SRP to Talisay, continue to Carcar and cross the mountain road to Barili. At Barili Bus Stop, take a left turn through town, the falls are just a short distance away.Once there, you can park your vehicle for 5 Peso, entrance fee to the fall is 10 Peso per head. There are pick-nick tables that can be used and a raft for the swimmers.

mantaUnfortunately it’s not a very accessible area for wheelchair users, I thought about hiring some guys to get me to the falls but the path is very narrow and slippery and leads over a deep drop to the lower pool, and after a first look I thought it not worth the trouble.
The falls are being developed by Governour Garcia as a tourist spot, but don’t expect too much. It’s still frequented as a laundry area by the locals.
On the way back to Cebu we detoured via the west coast, through the towns of Aloquinsan and Toledo, with a stop at Springpark Resort for a refreshing bath in the natural pools.
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