crocoStory of Crocolandia

Crocolandia was committed to propagating and conserving the natural resources and
its wildlife. It is intentionally designed to serve as a place where man can be one with nature in the most intimate way possible.

A long time ago, this piece of land in Talisay City was a turtle farm, until one fateful day it became home for Magellan. Magellan is a four foot, five year old crocodile who later lay an egg, revealing her true gender, which dramatically surprised everyone. A family of animal lovers made Magellan as a pet and was quickly given a boy playmate by the name, Lapulapu. From then on Magellan and Lapulapu produced many healthy offspring that later made families of their own, increasing the population of their kind.

Crocolandia Foundation

crocolCrocolandia Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to its mission in providing a shelter for nature’s neglected animals. The Foundation endeavors to enlighten the community through awareness and information of important facts about nature which will eventually help them preserve and conserve the environment.
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