heriIf you are planning to go to Cebu, make sure you include the Heritage of Cebu Monument into your itinerary. This is one of the best places to visit especially if you want the low-down on Cebu’s history.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument is located at the original Plaza Parian in Cebu City.

According Resil Mojares, a historian scholar, Parian got its name from the word “pari-pari” that means “to barter or trade.” In the early days, wealthy Chinese merchants lived and heald lavish events at Parian.



The construction of the Heritage of Cebu Monument began in July 1997 and was only inaugurated on December 8, 2000. It was designed and conceptualized by the multi-awarded sculptor and Cebu’s pride, Eduardo Castrillo. Together with donations from other private individuals and organizations, Castrillo and the late Senator Marcelo Fernan were able to fund and complete the construction of the monument. The combined cement, iron, and steel of the gigantic monolith depicts the different significant moments in Cebu’s history.
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