Matala is identified with the man-made caves carved out of the rock thousands of years ago in the steep cliffs that rise above the north side of the bay and beach. No-one is actually certain when the caves of Matala were made. Current thinking is that they are Roman or Early Christian tombs. Some of the caves, however, contain carved beds and windows, as well as porches, revealing a differentmatala2 purpose: historians believe that some of them were also used as homes long ago – and also more recently, when the “Flower Children” came to Matala. The hippies came from the four corners of the earth to Matala, where they found ready-made homes in the caves. The Greek film “My Aunt the Hippie”, starring Rena Vlachopoulou, was also set here. The feeling of freedom, the beautiful beach, the welcoming bay and the azure waters formed the ideal hippie scene. At Matala they found the place where they could express themselves, enjoy free love and create.




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