29d246322981c5f629ffea4214c93494Nahulugan Falls have been marveled in secrecy by local and foreign visitors riding in banca (boat) coming from Puraran Beach in the nearby town of Baras to San Pedro, Gigmoto where the falls is located. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest. Locals have made the place into a natural picnic ground. Large slabs of flat rocks serve as natural tables.
The water is clear and cool owing to the huge trees that filter much of the sunlight which partly illuminate the place. Large nest ferns sit on the branches of trees, throwing in some shadows, giving the whole area a mystic touch. Every now and then, winged seeds would fall twirling around into the water. With its surrounding forest offering a rich habitat of flora and fauna, visitors are lured to go hiking or trekking; an ideal place for picnic activities, hiking and mountain climbing.
Why Nahulugan Falls? Legend says that the falls was named after a man and his carabao (water buffalo) fell while crossing the hilltop, out from which waters began to beautifully cascade in three tiers, creating spectacular sprays.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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