acc22b2353_Camarines_Norte_Bagasbas_Beach_in_Daet_Bernard_SupetranSurfing. Daet is known as the Surfing Capital of Bicol. While Catanduanes also offers surfing to tourists, Daet is readily accessible by land. The waves of Bagasbas has charmed both local and foreign tourists.
A one hour lesson of surfing is only Php 400.00 inclusive of board rental. What’s nice about this activity is that the instructor will never leave you as you do the actual surfing. It is a one on one activity with the first time surfer and the instructor. The waves are good for beginners, it still looks gentle from afar.
Since Bagasbas beach faces the Pacific ocean, the wind is just great for aeorosports. During the last weekend of March 2014, Daet hosted the 2nd International Aerosports Show. Paragliding and hanggliding towing will be yet another activity to be added on my bucket list.
Therapeutic. It is not only the surfers who gets to enjoy Bagasbas but also anyone who wants a natural foot massage at no expense. I for one who lives in an inland city crave for sand on my feet. The sound of the rushing waves and the opportunity to watch the sun rise is really a charming way to welcome your day.



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