AT-THE-SUMMIT-3-of-3The legend there is. Once there was this couple that was about to get married. Because of their want to give a feast on their wedding day, the man decided to go for a hunt and was able to reach that part of Bulacan which is now the Mt. Manalmon. He saw a deer and shot an arrow to it not knowing that the deer is the diwata or fairy’s pet. The fairy punished the man by submerging half of his body at a rock found at the summit of the mountain. When the man’s soon-to-be wife found out about what happened, she decided to plead for forgiveness and asked the fairy on what she can do. She was told to offer nine jars full of a fruits sap or nectar. The woman did try to scout all parts of Bulacan in search for every fruit-bearing trees but she was only able to collect eight jars and a half. What she did was she added water onto the last jar and gave it to the fairy. When the fairy found out about it, she got more furious and turned the woman into a bird and the man was permanently swallowed by the rock hence the word Manalmon or “Manlalamon” o “Mangangain.”
How to get there: Mt. Manalmon is located in Sitio Madlum in Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. Going there is pretty easy, you will just have to board a bus bound to Cabanatuan at any of the bus stations at Baliwag in Quezon City or in Pasay. Tell the conductor afterwards to drop you off at Kamias in San Miguel and from Kamias, take a trike to the jump-off point at Brgy. Madlum.



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