web-ipar-barasoain-cpFor most of the Philippine consumers, the Barasoain Church is something remembered as some important landmark printed in the no longer circulated PHP 10.00 bill, or for those die-hard fans of former president Joseph Estrada, this was where he took his inauguration due to its significance during the centennial year of the Republic of the Philippines.
245176-2Such is its significance because, this was where the Revolutionary Congress was held.
Some had impressions that given its significance in history, was that the church may have been located on top of a hill. But it really is just in a street in Malolos, Bulacan. And for those not too alert in looking for it, can be overlooked as just another church.
6958859821_fbb529d89f_bThe Church pretty much retains its old facade as how it looked in the old bill. Beside it, there is a museum one can check out free of charge. Leave a little donation to ensure its upkeep.
Across the Church into the other end of the courtyard stands a statue of the very first president of the Philippine Republic: Emilio Aguinaldo.
While his ascension is riddled with controversies ranging from mishandling of funds to accusations that he even eliminated allies who were rivals for leadership (like summary executions and assassinations of other recognized heroes in the Philippines), as per history, he is recognized as the very first Philippine president.
However you take how the Philippines was formed then, it cannot be argued that it has shaped how it is now. As to whether that is bad or good for its citizens, we leave it up to them to decide.


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