2385052362_d5623b8c6cSome sources say the parish had its beginning as a visita in 1842 when a chapel was built under the direction of the parish priest of Baclayon. The parish advocated to Santa Monica was canonically established on June 18, 1869, following royal approval given on November 1868. During the Spanish colonial era, the Augustinian Recollect friars administered the parish.
Up to the 1880s, the parish church was more like a huge shed. Although it boasted of three aisles, its walls were only of tabique. The present church of coral stone was commenced shortly afterwards, utilizing the same three-aisled plan. However, the upper portions, especially the tower over the facade, were completed during the first half of this century. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the link between the church and the casa parroquial was planned along a grander scale, but never finished. The grotto at the back of the courtyard between the two structures hides a ruin which may be of another unfinished arcade.
Ray Francia signed the church’s interior ceiling painting on one side of the choir loft. Another section, now vanished, showed that the painting was carried out from April 12 to August 3, 1932. As regards the church bells, amongst them in the quadrangular tower are three bells, inscribed with the patron saints of the parish (Santa Monica, San Agustin, and “Calipay” or Joy). Dated 1866, two years before the ecclesiastical recognition of the parish, the bells are mute testimonies to the anxiety of the community in becoming an independent parish.


Source: http://pamana.ph/

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