Batangas20090705034If you are in the vicinity of Calatagan, and have a fascination in traditional architecture, then Calatagan Lighthouse is a site you should pay a visit.
It can be sighted at Parola in the town of Calatagan, which was change to barrio Bagong Silang in 1995. From the town proper it is about 20 minutes drive and right after barrio Sta. Ana.
The lighthouse is also well known in the Philippines as Punta de Santiago or Faro de Punta Santiago. However, some call it Cape Santiago. So whatever name they call it, all of these names refer to the lighthouse in Calatagan, Batangas.
Batangas20090705007The name Santiago was named after the then owner of the land, Don Santiago Zobel. He personally donated the one-hectare property for the construction of the lighthouse.
Punta de Santiago was put together and started by Magin Pers y Pers in December 15, 1890. On the other hand Guillermo Brockman finished the construction at a later time.
What makes Faro de Punta Santiago unique is its round shape. The lighthouse is coated with white paint. It has the typical plan of a tower, a service and annex buildings, with a fenced courtyard. Found inside the annex building are four living rooms. And the tower is located at the back, which stands at 51 feet high.



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