naidihills_2547This place offers one of the most picturesque sites in the island of Batan, where the first lighthouse of Batanes was built.
Naidi affords a unique panoramic view of Baluarte Bay, Basco town, Mount Iraya and the rolling hills of Batan Island. On a clear day, one can view the whole of Batanes from end to end plus the islets beyond Itbayat.
Naidi is an old sitio derived from the Ivatan word na which means ‘past’ and idi meaning ‘settlement’ or ‘community’.
naidi-hillsIt was once the site of the country’s tallest wireless communications facility that connected Batanes with the central government in Manila during the American period, until its collapse from a Japanese Imperial Air Force bomb attack at the start of World War II. Situated in San Antonio just a short trek northwest of Basco proper, the hills offer one of the best spots to view the scenic Basco sunset.



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