2570040212_af373e06c3The northerly mountain of the Philippines, standing majestically in the enchanting islands of Batanes, the “mountain of winds”. Its position at the northern part of Batan island gives its summit a commanding view of the northernmost parts of the country, and the ocean. This view, however, is made elusive by the perpetual cloud cover that only gives way to a full view of the mountain on rare occasions.
050214_MtIrayaMt. Iraya is a very important landmark for the Ivatans, and is steeped in legend. Elder Ivatan folk say that whenever someone dear to the people departs, a ring of clouds forms around the mountain. Also, the elders speak of old eruption of Iraya, and points to the holes near the summit as the crater from which lava and steam spewed out. Culture aside, its geographic presence is imposing; it is seen throughout the whole island of Batan and elsewhere in the northern seas. Its rise of 1009 MASL, directly from the sea, is explained in terms of volcanism. According to geologists, Iraya is one of the 22 active volcanos in the Philippines, with its last eruption occuring in 1454.


Source: http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/

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