fundacion1Fundacion Pacita is a boutique hotel (pricey and way out of my budget range), but day trippers are welcome to explore many parts of the place. The place is owned and run by the Abads, the province’s most influential family. If you have the dough or you’re on a honeymoon, this scenic hotel has the best accommodations Batanes can offer. Earth and art come together at Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge to create a most unforgettable and picturesque stay in Basco, Batanes,fundacion2 Philippines. Set atop a lush hill and caught between the mountain, sea, and sky, the hotel offers the best spot from which to view the scenic landscape and the cultural and aesthetic heritage of the Ivatan people. The lodge, once the home studio of internationally acclaimed artist Pacita Abad, pays homage to its creative roots with Ivatan-inspired rooms and suites. Resembling a gallery, each uniquely designed accommodation is adorned by artworks of both well-known and up-and-coming artists. Meanwhile, the ambience is distinctly homey — a fundacion3bed-and-breakfast warmth can be felt throughout. Essential assistance is provided, too: the hotel has a restaurant, and offers airport and city transfers, room service, and massage treatments. But more than the mesmerizing scenery and genuine promise of relaxation, staying in this destination hotel nurtures the artistic lifeblood of its community. Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge supports the education of the Ivatan youth through projects initiated by The Jorge, Aurora, and Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation, Inc.




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