jp6Tarak Ridge is just one part of Mount Mariveles’ many peaks, but it is notable for its rocky terrain, steep cliffs, and jagged rocks. Locals in turn named the ridge Tarak, an amalgam of “Tabak” (hunting knife) and “Tarik” (steep). The climb is actually moderate to hard, in terms of difficulty. The dramatic landscape of the ridge continues to attract more mountaineers every year to Tarak Ridge. From here, hikers can see Bataan, the nearby islands of Corregidor, as well as Manila Bay and Cavite. This is definitely one of the most outstanding treks to be made.
de9e3fb911cae85bcccbba70a30bbf2cOnly the first part of the trail is easy, after which the trek is pure and steep ascents.. The plains are usually burned during the summer months in kaingin (slash and burn). For those who haven’t been to Tarak Ridge since 2006, the typhoons of that year have damaged some sections of the trail, that holding on to roots and branches are needed in some parts. One of the stops is at Papaya River, where hikers can take a breather before continuing on to Tarak Ridge. It takes 2-3 hours from the Papaya River to reach the summit.



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