st-peter-of-verona-parish-church-of-hermosa-bataan-003They say that long ago, the people of Hermosa who live near the river found a boat with a statue of a saint inside it. They found out that it was St. Peter of Verona and this is the reason why the said saint became the patron of this community.
Now, St. Peter of Verona Church is one of the most celebrated churches of Bataan.
The creativity and artistry of the Diocese of Balanga are evident in this church. This church features a baroque-style fa├žade with marvelous stained-glasses that help encourage a more profound devotion to the parishioners. The splendor of the ornaments inside the church illuminates the whole of Hermosa.
st-peter-of-verona-parish-church-of-hermosa-bataan-011The major altar of Hermosa is made more attractive by the variations of saints placed in it. And another thing that puts this church above the rest is its majestic dome.
Our Catholic Churches may bring remembrance of our colonial past, being colonized by the Spaniards for more than 300 years. But all the more, sight of the churches graces us with a mere feeling of guidance and helps us achieve the state of being high in spirit.



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