5678249449_e27c34dcff_bOf all our photo trips since we started with the hobby in 2008, this trip to Bataan was the most unique.  Mainly because it posed the challenge of coming up with different shots using the same subject.  Usually, when we go out and do travel or landscape shoots, we go around taking as many pictures of as many subjects as we can.  But this time, we only had the sole subject, the lighthouse in Sisiman Bay, in Mariveles, Bataan.  So it was like a portrait shoot with just one person, and the challenge was to take as many different ways to present the subject — happy, sad, angry, etc.  Well, thank goodness the area cooperated.  We went twice, one in the late afternoon, and one during sunrise.  So the lighthouse gave us very different moods, like a talented model, and it turned out a productive shoot, despite the string of injuries I had to struggle through.
sisiman-marivelesThe low tide gave us very rich colors from the rocks that were already exposed but still wet enough to reveal a rich brown color that the lenses love.  I was fortunate enough to catch a couple who were lounging lovingly on top of the biggest rock there, watching the lighthouse from their romantic perch.
Bataan-NIKOND40X0872-2The moody weather gave us dramatic cloud formations which complemented the bedraggled lighthouse, long abandoned but still standing…barely.  The whole scene looked very Mordor-ish, and the derelict tower, with it’s missing handrails along the winding staircase makes for a compelling image that we were all hoping to capture.  We did have to stop sooner than we hoped because the rain started to pour and it was a long walk back to the van.


Source: https://chicogarcia.wordpress.com/

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